Ken Takagi, founder of Maji Curry,
has loved curry since childhood and
travelled around the world looking
for various curries.

He encountered the fascination
of various spices and
the unique spice cultures of each country and
came up with the idea of fusing them
with traditional Japanese curry.

In search of the ideal taste,
he called out to famous chefs,
received advice for the real taste,
and spent 10 years exploring.
The ideal curry that has finally been completed over the years.
That is “Maji Curry”,
which is derived from the word “serious”.

The first branch opened in Tokyo's Kanda Jimbocho, Japan's most populated area of curry specialty shops. Curry lovers in Japan call it the holy land of curry.
He thought the easiest way to find out if his proudly made curry is appreciated or not is by choosing the best place in Japan.

Opened in April 2018.
The history of Maji Curry started here.
Long lines have been forming every day since the opening.

We receive many positive comments from customers, and our confidence grows as the number of regular customers increases, so we decide to enter the Kanda Curry Championship to determine the best curry specialty restaurant in Japan.