The best curry in Japan
should be globally-recognised.
We want people all over
the world to taste this delicious curry!

With this in mind, we opened shops
in Thailand and Singapore,
and these shops also received
a lot of positive feedback from the local people.

We have also received many comments
from people who have eaten Maji Curry and
want to open a Franchise because it is so delicious.

The first franchise shop,
in the United States in LA,
has also been a great success,
with a lot of people standing in line every day
since its opening.

The success of MAJI CURRY in Thailand,
Singapore and the USA confirmed that
MAJI CURRY is a representative taste
of Japan that can be accepted worldwide.

MAJI CURRY are currently working to open 250 shops worldwide by 2030.

Franchisees wanted.
If you are considering a new Brand,
renewal or change of business category,
please feel free to contact us.